Manufacturer Exporting

Companies that provide import and export services face the everyday legal provocations of dealing with the laws and rules that govern this industry.

Since each country throughout the world has their own unique laws that regulate outsourcing import and export services, the legality surrounding the way a private company deals with these laws can be confusing and over whelming.

Not being familiar with the laws of a country that you would like to conduct business with, often results in imports and exports beingheld in customs for an indefinite amount of time. Export import logistics management offers the benefits of having an import export service provider handle these challenging aspects of your business

The Process

Sales Contract Process

Sales contract is a document / agreement between the seller and the buyer which is a follow-up of the purchase order requested by the importer.

L/C Opening Process

Letter of credit (L / C) is a guarantee from the issuing bank to the exporter in accordance with instructions from the importer to make a certain amount of payment for a certain period of time on the basis of the documents requested by the importer

Cargo Shipment Process

An important outcome of this process is a shipping document which is evidence that has been received that has been sent by the Supplier in accordance with the requirements included in the L / C.

Shipping Document Negotiation Process

This process is the process of dispatching shipping documents for exporters and is a process for claiming goods that have been paid for Importers

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