General Question

BymArt Asia a US registered company based in Ungaran Centra Java that provides full service sourcing solutions for furniture and home accessory buyers, including wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants, spas, villa developments and private individuals. We specialize in sourcing, sample development, order management, quality control and shipping services.

We work with many different types of businesses and individuals but mostly with wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, villa and property developers . Our clients include some of the most recognizable brands and names in their respective industries – in wholesale, resale and hospitality.

We have clients from all over the world but most of our clients are concentrated in the US, Western Europe and Australia.

A buying and sourcing agent should be more than just an intermediary between you and suppliers. Buying agents provide very significant value added services in the production and procurement process. At a minimum a good buying/sourcing agent provides the following services:

  • Close Communication and open dialogue regarding pricing and quality relating to the buying process
  • Quality control measures and procedures
  • Warehousing of orders and multiple orders
  • Packaging and FOB included in pricing contract
  • Importation and customs assistance

Our quality control team is the best in Indonesia. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers and our team is present throughout every stage of the production process to ensure quality and consistency. We do quality control checks and MC tests as needed throughout and provide reporting to our clients following inspections.

Minimum order quantity is 12,000 USD. Please note, we bring the same level of professionalism and quality to small and large orders alike.

Some agents specialize in certain products and materials. This is attractive for some buyers but the problem may lay in future orders when additional types of products are needed. That agent would not be able to assist you.

A good buying/sourcing agent should have experience and suppliers in a wide range of furniture and home accessory products. Also an agent should be able to source alternative options for products and materials if needed.

In order to truly provide all of the services required of a buying agent – sourcing, samples, quality control, shipping, etc. – there must be a decent sized team. The staff should be experienced and in full time positions within the company. Agents that draft in part time QC staff and/or support staff are not as consistent and/or reliable.