General Question

BymArt Asia a registered company based in Ungaran Central Java that provides full services such as  sourcing, product developments, order management, quality inspections, shipment schedule management for furniture and accessories through out Indonesia.

We work with many different types of factories in Indonesia. From terracotta makers in small village to International recognized factories. From factories with 50 workers to factories with 5000 workers.

Our major clients are from US, Europe and Australia  and we are aiming to serve more countries.

A buying and sourcing agent should be more than just an intermediary between you and suppliers. We provide very significant value added services including:

  • Maintain Close Communication and open dialogue regarding pricing relating to the buyer's expectation at best.
  • Quality Inspections with senior Inspectors and follow International SOP
  • Warehousing of orders and multiple orders
  • Advise and follow up Product tests, Packaging/ transit test  and any other test required
  • Shipment process assistance

Our quality inspectors are qualified Inspectors with more than 10 years of experience in furniture, accessories and upholstery. We provide during production inspection and final inspection. For quality controlmeasures we use AQL standard.

We experience in a wide range of furniture and home accessory products and also able to source alternative options for products and materials if needed.

In order to truly provide all of the services required such as – sourcing, samples, quality control and  shipping, – there must be a decent sized of team and our team are consist of 20 experienced reliable and full time staff.